Wireless CCTV System

Wireless CCTV systemWithout a doubt, a good wireless CCTV system can provide a very useful surveillance solution and at a very affordable price. It is a system that will also offer peace of mind and will do a number of things for you such as watching over your little ones while you are away at work and it can also closely monitor your property when you are not in town. A wireless CCTV system is available in different models with the most basic ones being nothing more sophisticated than Nanny Cam which can be installed in a nursery. The more complicated options are sophisticated and can involve use of multiple numbers of cameras that can be installed at strategic vantage points to help cover all the most vulnerable and important areas of a particular location.

Inexpensive solution

A wireless CCTV system can be inexpensive and in addition it can also be installed without much fuss or bother.  There are also battery operated versions that are available and which offer maximum flexibility in so far as locating the cameras go as such systems can be installed anywhere and even in places that you would normally not install a camera in.

Pick the right option

If you are sure that you wish to make use of a wireless CCTV system then it is important to pick the right option which in turn is any system that meets your main requirements and which is affordable and of good quality as well. To help you pick the best wireless CCTV system there are a few factors that must be properly addressed which include, among other things, checking the numbers of frames per second.

FPS recording

Ideally, you want a wireless CCTV system that offers 30FPS recording ability. This ability means that the system is able to record non-stop. However, this very feature also means that you will need to have very large storage available. In order to balance storage with suitable Frames per Second, it is recommended picking a system that offers 6 FPS which is enough for most people’s needs and budgets.

Color images

It is also important to decide whether you need a wireless CCTV system that provides color images. Sometimes, it is necessary to go for black and white images, especially if you are trying to monitor activity in the outdoors.

Resolution is also an important consideration. This is because you will benefit enormously if the images provided by the wireless CCTV system are of sufficiently high quality. The better the quality of image the better you will see all that is going on around and in your property.


It is also important to decide between obtaining direct view of all the action taking around and in your property. You may also want to choose a wireless CCTV system that allows you to record video which can be viewed at a later time.

There no doubts the fact that the right wireless CCTV system is going to prove to be a major boon as far as securing your property goes. These systems are easier to install and they are also more flexible and a battery operated system can be installed anywhere.