What is CCTV ?

What is CCTVThere are many people that wish to learn more about what is CCTV. This is because the need to stay secure has become much greater today than at any time in the past. The first thing that a person that is wondering about what is CCTV will learn is that CCTV is the acronym for Close Circuit Television. This is a system that keeps track of activities that need closer monitoring. With the help of a CCTV system it is possible to view and also record different areas that people believe to be vulnerable and high risk areas. The object of using a CCTV system is to prevent crime and theft.

Control inventory

When one starts to investigate just what is CCTV, one will find that these systems allow people to control their inventory and also increase their productivity. A CCTV system can also be used in a parking lot and in the interiors of a building where it can closely keep track of to ensure that people within the building are safe from dangers.

Use of modern technologies

It is important to find out more about what is CCTV because these systems make use of latest technologies. With the help of modern technology a CCTV camera can transmit certain kinds of signals to different places via a limited number of CCTV monitor sets. These monitors are also quite different to normal televisions because the signals in a CCTV system are not broadcast publicly.

Different places can be monitored

One knows when one tries to find out more about what is CCTV that CCTV is a system that is primarily used for surveillance in those areas that require to be monitored closely. Examples of places that require careful monitoring include airports and banks as well as the big government institutions and military facilities. In addition, large sized convenience stores as well as department stores also require careful monitoring. The primary aim of installing a CCTV system is to continuously monitor the situation and also to monitor certain events.

Various applications

Another thing that one will learn when one looks into just what is CCTV is that CCTV applications vary and include those such as monitoring traffic and activities at busy places such as railway stations. These systems are also used to monitor manufacturing activities inside factories. There are endless uses for a CCTV system.


Another aspect to understanding more about what is CCTV relates to the kind of cameras that are used in these systems. There is in fact a whole range of options available including dome, day/night, and standard box, hidden and high speed domed cameras. Wireless control cameras are also another useful option.

When one tries to find out more about what is CCTV, one must also look at the benefits that CCTV systems are able to offer. Their primary use is in deterring crime though they also help to ensure an increase in productivity at workplaces and they can help in identifying criminals and they can also monitor those areas that are not easily accessible to humans. Once one understands just what is CCTV, one can then go out and pick a suitable system with the right components.