Used CCTVIf you are looking to buy used CCTV then it will certainly pay for you to check out CCTVFIRST that is a family operated business that has more than fifteen years of experience in selling CCTV equipment. Whether you need covert CCTV cameras or speed domes or car security or other kinds of CCTV equipment, CCTVFIRST has a range of product that you can pick and choose from. They sell high quality used CCTV equipment at reasonable prices and you can also easily make your purchases online.


CCTVFIRST began operations in 1992 and has since developed and also expanded and from being a partnership is now a limited company. In the beginning, the company only installed CCTV systems in schools and in local councils but then expanded and started to import CCTV systems and they soon became suppliers of all kinds of CCTV products including used CCTV equipment.


eBay is another excellent option for those that are looking to buy used CCTV equipment. Professional Vision Services is another option available for those who wish to purchase used CCTV equipment. This company was incorporated way back in 1990 by a person called Phillipa Wisby who is also the owner and Managing Director of the company. This company has a wide range of used CCTVs that you can get at a pretty decent price.


Perhaps the best source for used CCTV equipment, offers many options including digital CCTV packages that are available for 1500 pounds or a near offer. This package contains the main as well as spot monitor outlets whose original price is 3000 pounds but this used CCTV equipment that has been used for just six months is available for half the price and the equipment is also in excellent condition.

Similarly, if you are looking for Micromark CCTV equipment like a CCTV Remote access camera system that the seller says has not been used though the box has been opened, then you can get this for just 40 pounds. Preloved is an excellent site for those who love to buy used stuff. The company began operations in 1998 and has since expanded and grown to become one of the leading advertising (classified) sites in all of the United Kingdom and has hundreds of thousands of advertisements in more than five hundred different categories.


Preloved is a great option for those who wish to buy or sell used CCTV equipment. It offers a wonderful alternative to auction sites where buying and selling can be quite a hassle. It is user friendly alternative to anonymous classifieds. In fact, by looking for used CCTV equipment at Preloved you will also enjoy a quicker buying/selling experience as there are no waiting periods for an auction to be over. You can sell used CCTV equipment without having to pay listing fees and there are also no selling fees or other charges. Best of all, this site is great for advertising your used CCTV equipment in the local market and the service offered is also very friendly.