PC CCTVThe world that we live in today can rightly be called one that is being run by computers which help us to perform many tasks in a simple and effective manner. This device is among the most useful products that have helped man do things that he was not able to do earlier. Closed circuit televisions or CCTVs are effective in protecting us and our properties and are available in several different types. Each type will differ according to its features and its attachments and the PC CCTV is a shining example of the kind of CCTVs that we can choose to use.

Conduct better surveillance

What’s more, almost every home is also equipped with computers which homeowners use for their own purpose and these systems can also be used for conducting surveillance. In essence, PC CCTV is a system that is video based and which also makes use of audio. Such a system helps to create a more secure environment. It is also a kind of wireless security system that makes good use of a personal computer and what is even better about such systems is the fact that they are very friendly to the user and their installation is also very easy.

Record data and footage

A good PC CCTV system will make use of wireless networks in which the footage and data of recorded events can very easily be communicated to those who need to know about what is happening in and around their properties. This footage can also be used to help the authorities deal with crime and criminals. The information the system provides can easily be shown via the Internet and in addition transferring data becomes very easy and also very quick when using the Internet. All this helps the law enforcement agencies become alert whenever someone tries to break the law.

Different features

A PC CCTV is also available with a whole range of features that can work in different ways. A digital video capture card is a good such item of equipment that can work non-stop and will record according to a predefined schedule and it can also set off alarms to another personal computer by sending an email alerting it to a break-in or intrusion.

All these factors show that installing a PC CCTV system can be very useful though at the same time it must also be said that installing such systems is not very straightforward or simple. There is need for software that should be compatible with the user’s personal computer and the camera being used and also to all the different cameras that are part of the system. To configure the PC CCTV system, it is a good idea to make use of manuals and of course, for more help, one can also get in touch with experts that will help you make the right choices.


As a concerned homeowner, it makes sense to install a PC CCTV system as it will help to deter crime and also gives more peace of mind knowing that the home is being properly monitored. These systems help you in viewing activity taking place in and around your home and you can view this activity on a personal computer or laptop and even on your cell phone.

It is also a good idea to pick an outdoor CCTV camera that has rating of not less than IP 65 which will ensure that the camera is dustproof and will also withstand contact with water. The good news is that even a very cheap outdoor CCTV camera is very effective and can be used to good effect.