Online CCTV

Online CCTVToday, CCTV systems are being deployed in many different places including in shopping malls and offices and homes. The good news is that it is possible to view online CCTV in order to check the status of your home or office online. All that is required is to have a good internet connection. However, to remain secure it is also important to ensure that the system is password protected. If it is not password protected, then anyone can gain access to the CCTV footage and spy on you day and night.

A new invention

CCTV security systems were a relatively new invention in this day and age of digital technology and this is because in the beginning these systems were mainly analog and could not provide high quality footage but which could still be recorded on a VHS recorder that however meant having to change its tapes each day of the week. Today, not only is there a chance to enjoy online CCTV but the modern digital CCTV systems is much more efficient and can be connected to other systems via an IP network. This brings a number of advantages including using the latest technologies and accessing footage at any time and date.

Monitor single/multiple sites at one time

With online CCTV, it is possible to view single as well as multiple numbers of sites from a single screen on a PC or laptop and even on a mobile phone. All this can be done from any part of the world provided you are connected to the Internet. Online CCTV security systems are widely being used by businesses to protect them from all kinds of crimes including theft.

Deters crime

There are different ways to install online CCTV security systems. Once installed, online CCTV systems will help to deter a criminal from breaking into your premises and it will also discourage employees from committing thefts at the workplace. In addition, online CCTV also means preventing reduction in workflow which happens when the boss leaves the premises.

Online CCTV systems also prevent other employees from clocking in for them when the boss is not present and in this way makes the workplace more efficient and effective. In order to maximize benefits from online CCTV security systems it is important to know a little bit about which equipment should be used to help you get all the benefits.

Buyers will have to figure out things such as kind of lens to be used and how to convert the images from cameras and also how much storage space is required. Once you have installed the right online CCTV system you can then monitor your home/business from whichever part of the world you have to be. You can also receive SMS text message alerts as well as emails as soon as your online CCTV system detects an intruder. You can also get to see the incident on your mobile phone and also on the web.

Online CCTV systems provide you with greater peace of mind knowing that images from incidents will be stored off site and away from the clutches of intruders. You do not even need to have special technical knowledge to install the cameras to get the system working.