Night CCTV

Night CCTVA CCTV camera is a very useful device and this is why it has become such an integral part of everyday life. These days, wherever a person goes, chances are high that they will see a CCTV system in place. This is because CCTV systems are effective in deterring and preventing crimes. Most crimes are committed in the dark and at night and so it is necessary to think about installing a good night cctv system. A night cctv system is very useful as the cameras used in such systems are equally effective in the nighttime as they are in daylight.

Before actually installing a night cctv system, it is important to find out how night cctv cameras work. When there is natural light available, these cameras work just like a normal camera and can capture images in color. At night when there is no light available, these cameras make use of infrared rays which they point up to a certain distance and by using these rays, the camera is able to capture images which it will then display in black and white.

A typical night cctv camera makes use of infrared LEDs which are directed at an area in front of the camera. Once the area is illuminated with infrared rays, the camera is able identify images which it captures – but only in black and white –and not in color. If the LEDs used are bigger then the camera will enjoy better vision and this will translate into better images.

There are a variety of options available to those who are looking to purchase a night cctv camera. There is the day/night CCTV 4 channel wireless camera and there is also the 30 IR LED night vision security CCTV to choose from. over the recent past, there have been more people and organizations that are making use of the night cctv camera. Each of these cameras feature the miraculous capability of amplifying many hundreds of time the camera’s minimum illumination. This is achieved by removing the infrared cut filter and it also requires that the camera’s color circuit be cut off. There is also a major leap in the day mode sensitivity.

However, there is no miraculous increase because the night cctv camera employs a trick by exposing its Charged Couple Device or CCD to emit high powered infrared rays. It pays to understand that lux and infrared are just not the same thing. The former refers to photometric units that measure point-to-point illumination as well as distance between the source of light and the object that has been illuminated. Infrared on the other hand refers to a radiometric unit that is measured in watts. Illumination helps us to see whereas infrared irradiation is not visible to the human eye.

Since a vast majority of burglaries are committed in the nighttime, it makes sense for a homeowner as well as business owner to install a good night cctv system on their properties. This will give them peace of mind and also help to deter criminals from trying to get into your property in an illegal manner.