Fake CCTV Cameras

Fake CCTV Cameras If you are like many other people that wish to deter theft and/or vandalism and you are not ready to spend an awful lot of money, then you need to seriously consider the benefits of installing and using fake CCTV cameras. If your budget does not permit you to purchase a genuine CCTV camera but you are still in need of a means to deter a prospective criminal or intruder, then installing one or more fake CCTV cameras can prove to be a very clever ploy to keep your property and your possessions safe from theft, burglary and other threats.

Built from real cameras

The good news for those who are planning on installing fake CCTV cameras is that these cameras are actually built and housed in real camera housings and so they do look very real. But, fake CCTV cameras are not able to record any activity and are merely showpieces. They have been designed to fool people including customers and even passer-bys into thinking that they are being monitored by CCTV.

Supplement existing system

Some people actually use fake CCTV cameras in order to supplement an existing security system. This makes it appear that a particular area or property is being covered by CCTV from all angles. This is an option that helps to extend your budget and allows you to enjoy better deterrence as compared to using limited numbers of genuine CCTV cameras.

Still in doubt?

For those people that doubt the fact that fake CCTV cameras are actually useful the simple truth is that when people see that they are being watched, they tend to act more carefully. This should prove to them that fake CCTV cameras are actually a worthwhile investment. The key to success lies in ensuring that you install the best quality fake CCTV cameras that must look real. If you opt for an inexpensive looking fake CCTV camera, chances are that anyone with ordinary sense will realize that the camera is fake and so it will not serve any real purpose.

When checking out fake CCTV cameras, it is therefore necessary to look at a range of products that are real and which are housed in genuine CCTV casings. These cameras must include external cameras that have flashing LED lights while for an internal domed camera it is important it resembles a traditional indoor camera. Some vendors even offer fake CCTV cameras that have moving base units. These are a good option for use in an indoor setting where they will look very real and in this way will help to deter crime.

It is possible to pick up good quality fake CCTV cameras for as little as 29 pounds. This price normally includes VAT and you will get a sturdily built high quality 12 inches long camera with flashing lights. If you wish to pick a top of the range fake CCTV camera that looks very real then you will want one that has quality looks and it should also have flashing lights and you should have the option of picking an item that offers pan and tilt capabilities. Such fake CCTV cameras are available for as little as 19 pounds, including VAT.