Dummy CCTV

Dummy CCTV A dummy CCTV camera looks like a real CCTV camera but in reality is just a fake. Such a camera is used to protect properties and the main reason to do is that you will not need to spend an awful lot of money. There are many options available that are going to provide a number of benefits not least of which is that they are very cheap but of good enough quality to fool a would-be intruder/criminal.

CR 10 outdoor camera

The CR 10 outdoor dummy CCTV infra red camera is a perfect example. It boasts of an appearance that is truly professional and is designed very stylishly as well. It is also modeled on the popular day/night cameras and is weatherproof as well. It is available with optional flashing LED lights which are powered by nothing fancier than a pair of AA batteries. In addition, this dummy CCTV camera is available with installation hardware but there is no need to use any wiring. It does however come with wall mounting bracket and has the ability to be tilted and swiveled. The entire kit is available for just 12.95 pounds and if you buy four pieces you can get them for 10 pounds each. Prices do not include carriage and UK VAT.

CD07 indoor camera

The CD07 indoor dummy CCTV dome camera is another option that is worth checking out. it has most of the same features that are available in the CR10 model and is so popular that it is generally out of stock with most vendors. Nevertheless, it costs just 7.95 pounds sterling.


The CD09 is another option. This is another dummy CCTV dome camera that is useful for indoor needs. It costs about 8.95 pounds and is a worthwhile investment if you want to deter crime within your property.

Outdoor requirements

For outdoor needs, you will want a different kind of dummy CCTV camera. The 5435 Outdoor Housing with dummy CCTV camera is a good option. It is professional in appearance and is weatherproof and comes with realistic looking power cable and junction box. This dummy CCTV camera has a lens and also has flashing red colored LED lights. It also comes with a pair of high visibility warning stickers and the housing is made out of aluminum. There is no need for any wiring but all the necessary installation hardware will be provided when you purchase this dummy CCTV camera. It retails for 19.95 pounds but if you choose to purchase four pieces at one time, then you are entitled to get them at 17.49 pounds each.

The CCD13 outdoor dummy CCTV PTZ camera is another option that is worth checking out. it features a white colored finish and is made from ABS and iron. It weighs about two kilograms and has a built-in dummy camera with lens. This particular dummy CCTV camera retails for just 35 pounds excluding carriage and UK VAT.

All these dummy CCTV cameras are readily available at Henrys Electronics Ltd whose address is 404 Edgware Road, Paddington, London W2 1ED, UK. You can call them up at 020 7258 1831.