Colour CCTV Camera

Colour CCTV camera Essentially, there are three main options available to anyone that wishes to purchase a good colour CCTV camera. These options include the mini-dome, Body & Zoom and the infrared colour CCTV camera. Furthermore, these cameras have narrowed down the gap in prices between themselves and the black and white CCTV camera. There are a few color CCTV cameras that are very affordable and which provide the same level of light sensitivity as are normally found only in black and white CCTV cameras.

Lifelike images

However, it pays to opt for colour CCTV cameras because they offer more lifelike images as compared to the black and white versions and in addition offer greater and better identification. This is why most people prefer buying CCTV cameras that offer color images. The only time that the black and white camera is a better choice is when shooting in low light conditions.

Mini-dome cameras

The mini-dome color cameras and the mini camera are good options but they are normally not weatherproof and they also cannot be fitted into housing and so are normally a better choice for use in the indoors. These cameras also normally have fixed focal length and a fixed iris lens but it is also possible to find these kinds of cameras that offer varifocal and auto iris lenses. A few models even have infrared emitting LEDs that help to provide better shooting capability in dark lighting conditions and also in total darkness.

Interchangeable lenses

The long body and zoom CCTV color camera generally uses lenses that are interchangeable. This means that you have the option of using CS mount and C mount lenses. These lenses can also be fixed or even varifocal length and you can also choose between iris and manual and also auto-iris lenses. These cameras can also have controls that can take the form of DIP switches or they can be On Screen Display (OSD) type. In the latter case, the buttons will be placed at the back of the camera.

Control shuttering

With the help of these switches, you can control the shuttering which in turn can be ALC for auto-iris and AES for other kinds of lenses. These cameras also offer back lighting and gain control as well as white balance and a few other functions as well. Some models even offer Wide Dynamic Range and Straight and Backlight Rejection. A long body colour CCTV camera can easily be used in an indoor environment and will come with mounting brackets. In case these cameras are to be used in the outdoor, the model will also need to have weatherproof housing.


Infrared colour CCTV cameras are good options for those who wish to monitor activity in poor lighting conditions and also in total darkness. These cameras are able to shoot in total darkness because they have infrared sensitive CCD chips that help in providing usable video images even in very poor light and also in absolute darkness.

Infrared radiation is of course invisible to the naked eye and images that are produced with an infrared camera will be in black and white and not color.