CCTV Training

CCTV Training

With a CCTV license it is easy to find work as a CCTV operator within the United Kingdom. All that is required is to complete the right CCTV training course. Once you are CCTV licensed it is easy to earn a good living and usually it only requires needing to complete 30 hours of CCTV training. A good course will be structured to be exciting and also very interactive and will provide you with a chance to do practical work and after taking progress tests you can understand how to use a CCTV system and how to operate it.

Public Space Surveillance

Anyone that plans on being involved in public space surveillance will need to obtain a Public Space Surveillance CCTV license. This kind of certificate will enable a person learn how to operate CCTV equipment which can either be installed in a fixed position or it can have the capability of panning, tilting and zooming. A person can undergo CCTV training to become qualified in this respect and normally this training is imparted in two modules.

Roles and responsibilities

The first module will cover the roles and responsibilities of the CCTV operator while the second module deals with operation of the CCTV. In respect of the roles and responsibilities of the operator, there are many different units that will help the student learn how to, for example, understand health and safety in a workplace. In addition, the CCTV training in this module will make a person understand all about emergency procedures during as well as outside of their normal working hours.

Team responsibilities

In addition, this module also teaches the person what roles and responsibilities that a CCTV team has to understand and use. They will also be taught codes of practice and operational procedures as well as understand more about CCTV. After this module has been successfully completed, the student will also have learnt how to operate non standard CCTV equipment and they will know the various types of legislation that have an impact on CCTV operation.

Surveillance techniques

The other module in a good CCTV training course deals mainly with surveillance techniques. After this module has been successfully completed, the student will know how to carry out as well as record functional checks in the right manner. In addition, they will have learnt how to detect and also track suspects on foot or in a vehicle and then they should be in a position to produce high quality of evidence to help in subsequent prosecutions and/or investigations.

This module also teaches the student how to make use of keypads as well as joysticks that help in operating a camera. They will also learn how to monitor and even a computer system and related equipment. Other than this, the student will also be taught how to deploy a camera so that it is able to pick up a suspect as they enter or leave an area. They will also learn how to store and record images and how to reproduce the images so that they can be used as evidence.

Mobile CCTV training is another option that is useful if you need to learn how to take care of mobile CCTV surveillance.