CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

Analog CCTV systems can be quite effective for a variety of uses, especially for those who need to use CCTV systems that are not very costly. In any case, CCTV systems are known for their versatility and they also offer convenience as well as maximum security. By mixing and matching different components together it is easy to create a complete surveillance system. It is up to the buyer to pick from different manufacturers and different items of equipment.

Different components

CCTV systems are made from a number of components that make it easy to view and record and also archive the video footage shot by cameras. CCTV cameras as well as their lenses are the most important components of CCTV systems and so get the most attention from buyers. There are different options available including to monitor small areas as well as for larger areas. Buyers can choose between fixed cameras and the pan/tilt and zoom variety. In addition, there are various other kinds of CCTV cameras that the buyer can pick in order to suit specific needs.

Monitoring the footage

In order to view the activity that the CCTV camera is monitoring it is necessary to have a good quality CCTV monitor which the operator can use in order to view all of the footage being sent by the camera. This monitor is generally located in a central location. It is possible to configure the monitor in different ways so that it is able to show all the footage from a single camera and even from multiple cameras.

Coaxial cables

In most cases, CCTV systems need to be connected with the help of coaxial cables that aid in proper transmission of video footage from the CCTV cameras to the monitor. It is also possible to transmit signals in analog form which can then be converted into digital format.

Many of the modern CCTV systems also make use of DVRs which are digital video recorders that can store and record all of the video footage that the cameras send over a network. CCTV systems are also used for different purposes including monitoring a home and even an office. They can also be used in retail stores and in healthcare facilities as well as in public places.

The camera, as mentioned, is the main focal point of every CCTV system. There are different kinds to choose from including fixed cameras, day/night cameras, and those which are ideal for use in the outdoors and which are encased in protective housing.

Monitors are used to view the footage from the camera and are used very like a television set but the monitor has higher resolution as compared to the television set and so offers better picture quality.

Coaxial cables are the cables connecting the surveillance equipment with a recording device like a good DVR. The DVR is another important component of every modern CCTV system. It is well suited for converting analog signals into digital signals.

Sometimes, people use CCTV systems with additional external hard disk drives in a bid to extend the capacity of the system further. At the very least, these systems can be basic and they can also be very sophisticated with the former being more affordable and the latter more expensive.