CCTV Survey

CCTV Survey

Mostly, a CCTV survey needs to be conducted to check the condition of drains. It essentially involves taking a small sized CCTV camera that is passed through the drainage system in order to find out what problems are causing problems. A CCTV survey of a drain or pipe or sewer is a good option as it offers accurate and visual as well as a cost effective means to find out problems in drainage systems. It will help the surveyor view the source of the drainage problem and then help them in establishing the most cost effective and efficient means of solving the problem.

Degradation of drains

It is important to conduct a CCTV survey of the drains in a home because the latter will degrade over time and serious problems can develop which unless rectified can cause various other problems. Leaking drains is another reason to conduct a drain CCTV survey. With the passage of time, sewers and drains will start deteriorating and this can if not checked lead to structural problems such as wall collapses and ingress from different plant roots.

Testing the drain

The good news is that a CCTV survey can help in test the drain, and if there are enough inspection chambers available, the task can become very easy. Certain types of homes including the terraced and Victorian homes have greater risk of drainage problems and so these types of homes must be inspected on a more frequent basis. These inspections can help identify when maintenance is required so that emergencies can be forestalled and prevented.

Easy to carry out

There are several good reasons to conduct a CCTV survey. Such a survey, is first of all, very easy to carry out and does not require disruptions to normal life. Once they are conducted, the CCTV survey can help in establishing certain facts about the drains. All that is required is to send a camera down into the sewer or drain and the images should be recorded.


However, a CCTV survey does not help in determining whether a drain is watertight or even leaking. However, it is able to display as well as locate those areas in the drain that are damaged or blocked. A review of the CCTV survey can help a drainage engineer know precisely where a problem exists. This will then obviate the need to conduct a costly excavation. With the help of information provided by the CCTV survey, the engineer can devise a suitable plan to rectify the problem and in this way helps in minimizing damage and costs and will also prevent disruptions.

A camera CCTV survey is not just meant to find faults after a problem is suspected. Today, such surveys are also being widely used by would-be home buyers as a means to find out the condition of a property. Depending on the results of a CCTV survey, the homeowner can choose to go ahead with the purchase or may pass up a home that has drainage and/or structural problems.

The fact of the matter is that a drainage system can be quite complex and repairing it can be quite costly. With the help of a CCTV survey, it is possible to minimize damage and cut costs and still keep the drains in good condition.