CCTV Signage

CCTV Signage

After March, 1, 2010 anyone that is planning on using CCTV or closed circuit television will need to provide or even display CCTV signage which in turn must be installed close to the camera. The purpose of such CCTV signage is to inform people that they are about to enter an area that is being covered by CCTV surveillance equipment. It is important that CCTV signage is installed where it is clearly visible and it should also identify the main purpose of the CCTV and must also provide information regarding the person or company that is responsible for the CCTV scheme. In addition, the CCTV signage should include information regarding who and how to contact the person in regard to learning more about the scheme. Unless this is done, anyone that installs CCTV would be flouting the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Typical sign

Typically, when premises are being monitored by CCTV cameras it is important to install CCTV signage close to the cameras. A typical such CCTV signage would have the words "These Premises are under CCTV surveillance". If you are looking for such CCTV signage, then you can purchase it from Sign Maker for about 10.15 pounds sterling. The CCTV signage measures 400 millimeters by 300 millimeters.

"24 Hour CCTV in Operation" is another kind of CCTV signage that is worth using. This signage is also available for 10.15 pounds sterling and the same is the case with CCTV signage which has the words "this car park is under CCTV surveillance" on the sign.

Placing the order

When ordering such kinds of CCTV signage, customers can provide their own details which will be used in the signs. Before placing your order, you will need to provide information such as the main purpose of the scheme and the person/organization that is responsible for your scheme and also the contact details in respect of the scheme.


There are separate options available for CCTV signage that is to be used in hospitals. Typically, the words used in such signs look like this: "This maternity ward is under CCTV surveillance" or "For the protection of staff & patients CCTV is in operation on this ward" or even " Mothers and babies are protected on the ward by CCTV". These kinds of CCTV signage are available at Sign Maker for a cost of about 7.50 pounds (for the rigid PVC type) and for 6 pounds sterling for the signs made from vinyl. These signs measure 300 millimeters by 200 millimeters.

The cheapest CCTV signage is available at Sign Maker for 1.30 pounds sterling. This sign measures 150 millimeters by 150 millimeters and has the words "CCTV in operation" on the sign. If you wish to use the rigid PVC sign then the same CCTV signage will cost you 2.20 pounds sterling.

It is also possible to order non-standard CCTV signage from Sign Maker. These signs that are made in PVC foam board are also available from the Sign Maker whose address is Country Ways, High Bickington, Umerleigh, Devon, UK. EX37 9BJ.