CCTV Security

CCTV Security

Today, CCTV security is a huge industry. Commercial settings and residential homes are now being equipped with CCTV security systems in a bid to deter criminals and intruders. These security solutions offer greater peace of mind to those who have taken the trouble to install such systems. With the ready availability of improved technologically advanced security systems, the costs have come down and this has resulted in proliferation of CCTV security systems that are now being installed everywhere.

Reducing crime

The simple truth is that CCTV security helps in reducing crime and so it is worth making use of whatever systems one can find and which are affordable as well. The installation of CCTV security systems can help to cut crime rates by up to ninety-five percent. This is because when a criminal notices that a property is being monitored by such security systems, they will be less liable to committing a crime in such places and will instead want to focus their attentions on unattended properties.

Technical facts

When it comes to using CCTV security, there are many technical facts that have to be understood in order to pick the best options. It is important to use your knowledge about CCTV security to find the right equipment that will provide maximum security to your property.

It is also important to understand what a traditional camera can do and what IP cameras are able to do. This will help you pick the right option. Next, it is important to decide whether to go in for wired or wireless CCTV security.

Use of infrared

Infrared is something that can prove to be useful, especially if you wish to view the goings on at your premises at night and in the dark. An infrared camera can pick up images which a standard camera is not able to do. It is also necessary to decide whether to use coaxial cables or CAT5. The traditional cable is really the coaxial type and this is able to process the signals to all the cameras in any CCTV security system setup. However, CAT5 is useful when it is necessary to energize the cameras as these cables reduce power supply problems.

It is also important to decide whether to install CCTV security systems in the outdoors or whether it is better to install the system indoors. The ones that are installed on the outside will be costlier but this additional cost is worth your while because it would mean covering all the entry points to a premises. This will deter would-be intruders and criminals.

It is equally important to understand the meaning and use of the DVR or digital video recorder. This is a device that stores the footage being shot by the cameras. Other factors that need to be taken into account before selecting your CCTV security system include recording constantly or whether motion detection is a better option.

Finally, you must also factor in the methods by which you can backup all the footage being captured by the camera, especially footage that is a month old. Depending on what you choose, your budget for your CCTV security system will go up or down.