CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV Security Camera Systems

Today, there are many options available to anyone that is looking to purchase CCTV security camera systems. However, picking the right option is not all that easy but it is essential that you pick the right option so that you succeed in getting the best quality of images. Therefore, before choosing from the wide range of CCTV security camera systems on offer, it pays to take into account a few important considerations.

IP camera or analogue

First and foremost, it is important to decide whether you need an IP camera or one that is analogue. This in turn means deciding on whether to have the camera wired to a digital video recorder (DVR) or whether you need to make use of an IP camera in which case the signal has to be sent via an IT network.

Black and white or color images

The second important decision that needs to be made at the time of picking your CCTV security camera systems is that of choosing between cameras that shoot in black and white or those that are color switchable. In addition, it is also important to check whether there is need for back light compensation when shooting in very bright lights. Another option is to go with a camera that has a Pixim chip which offers wide dynamic range.

Outdoor or indoor installation

It is also important to decide whether to install the CCTV security camera system in the outdoors or whether it is to be installed in the indoor settings. It is also necessary to determine whether additional lighting is required including white light and even infrared light.

Camera lens

The choice of camera lens is an important one and here there are a number of options including the wide and narrow as well as zoom lens. In addition, when picking from different CCTV security camera systems, be sure to decide on the quality of system that will suit your needs. You can pick from low quality, medium and high resolution cameras.

Fixed position

It is also important to decide on whether you wish to install the camera in a fixed position or is to be installed in a manner that makes it easy to move the camera and even zoom it in. Last but not least, when choosing from different CCTV security camera systems, be sure to consider privacy zones and also whether you need to buy a camera/DVR that has a privacy function.

Once you have decided on the kind of CCTV security camera system that suits your needs, you will then need to decide on the best type of camera. You can pick between several options including dome, standard day/night cameras and even fixed dome, fixed dome (vandal resistant), fixed color (internal), color bullet camera, day/night camera, small waterproof and even board camera.

One may also want to use covert cameras and there are varifocal cameras that also offer special benefits. If you are planning on shopping for CCTV security camera systems in the UK, it makes sense to check out vendors such as Ansador Ltd that has over twenty years of experience in these products and is also a leading seller of all kinds of CCTV equipment.