CCTV Recorder

CCTV Recorder

The CCTV recorder is a product that has specifically been made for the CCTV industry and is the heart of every good CCTV system. It is designed to perform two main jobs which include arranging the camera footage which will be displayed on a CCTV monitor and its second function is that of storing images from the CCTV camera. In a few instances, a CCTV recorder can also perform a third function which is that of allowing users to gain remote access to a CCTV system by making use of the Internet or even a local area network.

Important factor

One important factor that every buyer must take into account at the time of purchasing a CCTV recorder is that of recording resolutions. The plain truth is that it is necessary to choose a CCTV recorder that is able to record the images in good quality. When it comes to checking quality there are three resolutions to think about. The first is the most acceptable quality and this is known as D1 which is made up of a frame size measuring 704 by 576 pixels. Next in quality, the half DT which is referred to as Field is made up of frame sizes measuring 704 by 288 pixels. The worst quality is the one known as CIF which has frame sizes of just 352 by 288 pixels. If you have to pick a CCTV recorder, then pick one with D1 resolution.

Works on its own

The modern CCTV recorder, besides offering excellent resolutions can also be set up and then allowed to do its work on its own. This kind of ability allows you to use a CCTV recorder that does everything without your needing to press any buttons on a regular basis. The only thing that can constrain how much you can get out of this device is the limit of your technological knowledge. Unless you understand the different features you will not be able to derive maximum benefits from your CCTV recorder.

Stores footage

A CCTV recorder is able to store footage onto an inbuilt SATA hard disk drive which is pretty much the same as what is used on a normal personal computer. SATA means Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. A recorder also has a feature that is called the split hard drive in which the recorder will divide the space automatically so that there are two areas and it uses a single section for recording daily footage. The second area is used whenever the footage triggers an alarm.

Image compression

When purchasing a CCTV recorder, be sure that you pick one that is able to compress the images so that it can store more information on a limited amount of space. Today, the main formats are the Motion JPEG or the MJPEG and the other one is the H.264. These formats are not just meant for use on such recorders as they can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Today, people are going in for the h.264 format because it is able to compress the images and make much smaller files.

Last but not least, before purchasing a CCTV recorder, be sure to look at its recording speed. It pays to select a device that is able to record at anything from 3 to 6 frames in a single second.