CCTV Monitor

CCTV Monitor

The CCTV (closed circuit television) is widely being used by organizations that wish to track and prevent acts such as robberies and shoplifting. The trouble is that the CCTV will only prove to be useful if it is attached to a good CCTV monitor. This monitor makes it possible to view the images that are being captured by the CCTV.

Different sizes and shapes

The modern CCTV monitor is available in different sizes and also in different shapes and they provide much better resolutions than the monitors from not so long ago. It is up to you to choose between a CCTV monitor which shows images in black and white and one that can display color images. In addition, it is necessary to pick the monitor according to whether it is able to provide audio or not. When selecting your CCTV security system, you will want something that is of good quality and here it is important to select the CCTV monitor with care as it must be of good quality if it is to be effective.

Do not use a TV

Many people choose to make use of a television with which to view images taken by the CCTV cameras. This might prove to be a good option but only as long as you are not in need of seeing images in high quality. A CCTV presents images in horizontal lines which can vary from three hundred and eighty lines (for B & W images) to 330 for colored images. However, televisions are not able to produce as many horizontal lines as compared to a CCTV monitor. This means that if you rely on televisions, you will be plagued by inferior image quality.

Better resolutions

A CCTV monitor is therefore a better option for those who wish to view images in better resolutions. A CCTV monitor is able to produce between nine hundred and one thousand horizontal lines which are high enough to ensure that the quality of image is way better than what the best television is able to produce.

Audio output

The modern CCTV monitor is different than the ones from the past because today, they are able to provide audio output as well. This means that you can now view the images produced by the CCTV and also listen into what is taking place and being recorded. The best part is that the modern CCTV monitor is able to also show images from more than one camera and so you can view and hear activities from different cameras in one go. This is a feature that is most useful for corporate users.

What is even more pleasing about the CCTV monitor is that it is not very expensive. If you go for one that shows images in black and white, you will not have to spend more than 150 dollars and for one that shows color images, the cost would be around 400 dollars.

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