CCTV kit

These are quite dangerous times when crime is rife and so we must do our best to take preventive steps to ensure that our homes and belongings remain safe. A CCTV system can prove to be good protection against intruders and a CCTV kit in particular is an option that is worth checking out as it can help address your security concerns very effectively. A CCTV kit, as it name seems to imply, is a miniature TV station which can be installed on your premises and rather that taping a television program, these kits that include cameras will watch over as well as record activities in your premises continuously. A good CCTV security system can prove to be practical and it is also a lower costing alternative than hiring a security guard.

Deterrent value

There are many reasons to install a CCTV kit. One benefit that you will get is that the presence of such kind of equipment is normally enough to act as a deterrent to intruders and potential criminals. This is like having your own eye in the sky that will, when seen by a criminal or intruder, force them to looking elsewhere to break into a home or other premises. This is because criminals know that the installed CCTV kit can capture their image and record it and this will mean that chances of being caught will go up dramatically.

Basic kit

The current crop of CCTV kit products are available in different prices and have different technological features in them. A basic CCTV kit is nothing more than just a basic camera while the more advanced ones are equipped with additional hardware such as a DVR or digital video recorder.

Advanced kits

In addition, there are more advanced CCTV kits that make use of very advanced CCTV cameras that are operated remotely and which with add-ons like motion detectors and glassbreak detectors can provide complete security. It is also possible to buy a CCTV kit that is so advanced that it can even establish the age of a person as well as their gender by putting their images through special processes.

Ability to pick up sounds

The latest CCTV kit has very sensitive mics which are able to pick up all sounds including sounds that are very unusual. It can find out when a person speaks above the normal decibel range and will record these sounds and track it. Modern technology is becoming so foolproof that criminals will have an almost impossible task in trying to fool the modern CCTV systems.

Without a doubt, the more attention one pays to securing their properties, the less likely it is that they will be burgled or the property broken into. Today, the CCTV kit is being used almost everywhere including in residential homes and in larger malls. The modern CCTV kit includes high quality cameras that provide top quality surveillance and a centrally located monitoring system shows and records all the activities that are taking place in and around your property.

The bottom line is that it is more cost effective to install a CCTV kit than it is to hire a security guard and the kits also provide more reliable surveillance than security guards.