Before spending hard earned money on buying a CCTV it is a good idea to consult the CCTV FAQs pages of the seller's site. These CCTV FAQs will provide useful answers to many of the questions that are bound to crop up in the mind of the buyer. By checking the CCTV FAQs, buyers will get to learn about the important factors related to the CCTV and in this way can decide whether a particular CCTV system is useful or not.

Choosing the right camera

Among the most important questions that are answered in the CCTV FAQs pages, the one related to choosing the right kind of camera is very important. This is a decision that is often quite a difficult one because there are many factors that have to be taken into account. Things such as installation and resolution of the camera as well as color versus black and white images play an important role in determining which the best is. CCTV FAQs can provide tips and useful advice to help you choose the right camera.

Set up the camera

A second question that arises at the time of choosing a CCTV is that of learning to set up the camera and the lens for taking images in low lighting conditions and how to set up the camera with infrared lighting. Again, CCTV FAQs will provide relevant answers to this question. These FAQs will explain the need to use back focusing and how best to use it to ensure that the cameras are able to shoot even when lighting conditions are low.

Unclear images?

CCTV FAQs are also there to provide answers to different problems with the CCTV. For example, after setting up the camera and the lens, people find that the images provided are not very clear. Here again, the FAQs will provide solutions that will help you obtain the desired sharpness of images.

If a person is not sure about what an OSD camera is, they can find the answers to this question in the CCTV FAQs. Similarly, if the person is wondering as to why they obtain sharp daytime pictures but blurry nighttime pictures they will find the answers in the FAQs section of the vendor's site.

Manual IRIS lens

One of the questions that need an answer is that of learning when to use the manual Iris lens. The CCTV FAQs will inform you that the best time to use such a lens is for an indoor purpose. There are also answers in the CCTV FAQs that relate to back focusing the camera that is already fitted with focal length lenses. The answers will go a long way in helping a reader understand the process by which they can achieve proper back focusing.

The CCTV FAQs pages of a site will also resolve issues related to connecting auto Iris lenses to cameras and they will also explain the differences between Direct Drive lenses and auto iris lenses. In addition, these FAQs will also resolve issues related to the important of the 'f' stop when deciding which lens is best for their needs.