CCTV Drainage

CCTV Drainage

CCTV drainage surveys offer a cheaper and much easier option than having to dig and expose and even break into drains. CCTV drainage is therefore an option that is most preferred when it comes to making an investigation of the condition of a structure. There are several good reasons to try CCTV drainage including finding out what is causing a frequent blockage and it also helps in finding out about subsidence. This kind of option also helps in determining different kinds of structural movements.

Considerable variance

There is considerable variance in the standard of CCTV drainage. In order to get the best results it is necessary to use the best equipment as this, when coupled with expertise, can help you get good results. It is important that the personnel in charge of CCTV drainage should have undergone OS20ZX training. This is the industry standard that has been laid down by and is administered by Water Training. It also provides well accepted reporting standards in respect of CCTV drainage surveys and is a benchmark against which all other survey reporting is measured.

Investigate drains

There are several good reasons to have CCTV drainage surveys conducted. Mostly, this is done in order to investigate drains to find out the source of blockages and also to determine why there are persistent problems with a drain. CCTV drainage surveys are also conducted to help in assessing homes. A surveyor will closely inspect the condition of the drains to find out if any problems are present. These surveys can also be used to find out about subsidence problems.

Assess the condition

Once you have decided to go in for a CCTV drainage survey, the surveyor will then note down your details and will want to assess the condition of the drainage system via a manhole and even through various inspection points. In certain instances, it may be necessary to proceed with the CCTV drainage survey without being sure about the need to access and use inspection chambers in a drainage system. The surveyor may even go ahead with the survey without being sure about the need to perform jetting.

Inspection manhole

The presence of an inspection manhole will certainly make the CCTV drainage survey task a lot simpler and quicker and it also means that the cost of conducting the survey will be lower. In case the property does not have an access chamber then something known as a 'break-in' will need to be done.

In most cases, there will not be any need for jetting, provided there is nothing wrong with the drains. When the CCTV drainage survey begins, the surveyor will have to make use of the best digital mini-cams with which to conduct the survey of the drain. After the survey has been performed, a drainage report will be generated and provided to the customer.

There are several different cameras that can be used for CCTV drainage. These include mini Supercam Video Pipe Inspection System which is a portable video pipe inspection system that works on pipes that are at least 30 mm in diameter. The cost of such equipment is around 795 pounds sterling.