CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras were first introduced in the United Kingdom in the seventies in response to IRA bombings. Nowadays, these cameras are being used widely in different parts of the United Kingdom and according to the British government, CCTV cameras have been instrumental in reducing crime and so it seems that its use has actually had the desired effects.

Not absolutely foolproof

That is not to say that CCTV cameras are foolproof because there are some very clever criminals that have managed to evade these cameras. They resort to various methods to con the cameras including painting the lens and flashing laser pointers at the lens and jamming the wireless signals. There are also some criminals that simply take out the cameras by shooting them out, though this is not so easy today because modern CCTV cameras are being placed in bullet proof housing.

Opposition to the use of CCTV cameras

Those who oppose the use of CCTV cameras say that these cameras invade a citizen's privacy and deprive them of their civil liberties. However, the United Kingdom does see widespread use of CCTV cameras and in this way can be likened to New York and to Chicago. Opponents of such cameras argue that CCTV cameras are being used to control the population rather than to deter crime. Many questions have been put up regarding who has the authority to access the footage from such cameras and there are also many concerns in respect of lack of proper anonymity.

Modern cameras are more effective

However, modern CCTV cameras are now much more effective and use digital technology rather than the antiquated analogue technology. This means that these cameras are able to work at higher speeds and have higher memory and offer improved pixel resolutions. The photos are shot immediately upon being alerted by motion detectors or they can also be taken non-stop. The good thing about using these cameras is that they are easy to set up and storing image that has been shot by the cameras is also a simple and straightforward matter.

Different CCTV options

There are many types of CCTV cameras to choose from. These cameras include the cheap home security camera, home security cameras, home surveillance cameras and internet security cameras as well as IP security cameras and a lot more.

If your budget is limited then you should choose cheap CCTV cameras. Though there are models that are cheap, they are still of good quality and offer proper surveillance sans the high end features. You should pick those cameras that offer to perform a variety of functions and it is also important not to cut corners. Wireless options are very effective and offer many benefits.

Home security CCTV cameras are not all that complex and in fact a networked home security camera system can easily work with your existing computer network. These cameras are becoming increasingly flexible and will even show the images on your cell phone and even to your PDA.

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