CCTV Camera System

CCTV camera system

When it is time to purchase a CCTV camera system, it is important to understand exactly what a CCTV camera is and how it is possible to purchase the best one. A CCTV camera is essentially a camera that is able to shoot analog video and which is also able to transmit the signals with the help of coaxial cables to a single and central point where monitoring and recording and video analysis is performed. Modern CCTV camera systems are those that make use of the IP network cameras but even so the traditional CCTV camera is still very popular and is used very widely. This is because the traditional CCTV camera is still a very cost effective solution to most surveillance needs and requirements.

Security cameras

Security cameras are the very heart of every good CCTV camera system. There are different cameras on offer including the dome camera and day/night camera. There is also the box camera and the IR camera that one can think about choosing. Some people prefer using weatherproof cameras and still others prefer the PTZ or pan/tilt/zoom variety. The Concept Pro Compact Zoom (x23) Day/Night camera is a good bet and is available for 162.86 pounds sterling

Digital video recorder

It is also important to purchase the right kind of digital video recorder which will be able to continually record the CCTV images on to a hard disk. Some people prefer to use a VCR which is an option that one can also think about using. A CCTV multiplexer is also an important component of the CCTV camera system. It should be able to support up to four camera inputs and should also be able to handle up to sixteen camera inputs. It is to be connected to a recording media like a DVR or VCR.


The DVR is a device that can record video in digital form and store it to a hard disk drive or USB flash drive and even to SD memory card and to other devices for mass storage. If you are interested in a good DVR then it pays to check out the one called the Fostex D2424LV MKII which retails for about 1551 pounds sterling. On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget option then you can think about a model such as the LG DRT389H which retails for just 114.95 pounds sterling.

LCD Monitor

The CCTV LCD monitor is very important as it helps the operator in viewing in real time all the images that the CCTV cameras are sending. For those who wish to purchase a good CCTV LCD monitor, the Friedland Response CA2 LCD Monitor is a good option. It costs just 104.94 pounds sterling. Another option, the Edge 10 17LCD CCTV monitor costs 170.38 pounds.

It is also important to choose the right kind of camera lens which can be manual or even auto iris lens. The Concept Pro 1/3 inch Direct Drive CS mount plugged 3.5 - 8.0 mm Varifocal lens is a good buy at 37.70 pounds sterling. This is a direct drive lens that is compatible with many cameras.