CCTV Camera Security System

CCTV camera security system

Installing the right CCTV camera security system in a home will give the homeowner much peace of mind. Therefore, homeowners will do well to talk to an expert to find out just which kind of CCTV camera security system is suitable for their homes. An expert will need to analyze the areas surrounding the home and will then determine the proper lens size and also the number of cameras that are necessary to properly monitor the property. A homeowner will also do well to make use of special recorders, especially when they plan on monitoring the property for more than three hours at a time.

Choose the right camera

When it comes to installing the right CCTV camera security system, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. Most people place a lot of emphasis on picking the camera though there are several other concerns as well including recording, viewing as well as archiving the footage that has been shot by the camera. It is necessary to pick suitable equipment that helps to take care of all issues.

Starting points

The most important component of a CCTV camera security system is of course its camera. These are the starting points of the system and there are numerous options available in regard to the camera including fixed models, wireless, day/night and even the more powerful PTZ (point/tilt/zoom) domes which are used to patrol larger areas.

The Monitor

The monitor is another important component of the CCTV camera security system. Operators use these to check out the footage from a central point. Care should be taken to pick a monitor that provides higher resolution and it is also important to distinguish between dedicated monitors and those that are known as call-up monitors. The former display videos from single cameras while the later allow the operator to access multiple numbers of cameras at one go.

The cable that is used in a CCTV camera security system is an important component as it helps to transmit the video footage from the surveillance cameras. The cable in an analogue system is often quite costly and it is also not easy to install.


The DVR or the digital video recorder is a major part of every modern CCTV camera security system. It enables operators derive some pretty useful benefits, especially in a network based monitoring setup. The DVR is able to convert the analogue footage into digital footage and in this way ensures that it can extend the storage capacity of the device. It also makes finding archived footage a lot easier and in addition it permits users to stream their video via a network and in this way helps in enabling remote viewing from numerous different locations.

Before choosing a DVR it is important to keep in mind the fact that regular VCRs are able to only record 4 hours of video footage. Recorders used in commercial setting must be those that can record for much longer durations. It is important to check each different component of the CCTV camera security system before making your purchase.