There may only be a few lucky car owners that have not had their cars stolen. The simple truth is that auto theft is a thriving business and over five billion dollars are spent in protecting vehicles against thefts. Car thefts can happen at any time and in any place and if you look at figures related to car thefts in the UK you will be alarmed to know that these rates are increasing. Almost every car owner has experienced the theft of their vehicle at least once in their lives.

Police statistics

Police statistics point out the fact that for every one hundred thousand parked cars in a car park, four hundred and eighty cars will become targets of car criminals. For cars parked outside homes, the figure is lower and stands at 110. Car thefts are primarily committed to obtain parts from the stolen vehicle. This can be seen from the fact that a 20000 pound stolen vehicle, after being stripped off its parts, will be sold for 30000 pounds because the sum total of the parts sold individually help the thieves to get a higher price than the value of the stolen vehicle. Victims of stolen cars have to suffer hardships while the thieves make profits.

Many benefits

This is why it pays to think about using a car CCTV. Furthermore, installing a car CCTV can also provide benefits in case you happen to be involved in a car crash. You can use the footage from the CCTV to analyze the crash scenario and it only takes the push of a button to prove that you were not at fault. Also, by installing car CCTV, you can also ensure that the insurance claim process becomes simpler and much more straightforward.
Some of the benefits of installing a car CCTV include:

  • Prevents vehicle thefts as well as break-ins
  • Helps in tackling crimes related to vandalism of your car
  • Helps in providing useful evidence related to a car accident incident
  • Helps in monitoring behavior of both passenger and the driver
  • Helps to make the insurance claim process more streamlined and simpler
  • Offers all round security

Smart Witness

Smart Witness is a car CCTV that has been designed to visually record an accident and other kind of event and even an entire vehicle journey. It is also equipped with GPS logging though this is an optional feature and the Smart Witness is also able to record the vehicle's speed and direction and also the location of the vehicle with the help of Google Earth. In other words, by installing a car CCTV such as Smart Witness you are putting a Black Box into your vehicle that will provide some very crucial evidence in case of an accident.

Car CCTV can also be installed in minicabs and in taxis and in fact is very popular with taxi owners and bus operators. These CCTVs, when installed, help in discouraging violence against the vehicle's driver and guarantees to protect the passengers as well. A car CCTV can also be used in large sized commercial vehicles that operate in the London area.